IRMARFER Concert-Stages

For your upcoming music festivals and live concerts, you too can use our state-of-the-art structure as a complete stage roof or as a stage element.

We have already supplied various stage elements and structures for one of the world's largest festivals such as Rock in Rio and various other festivals. The dome or wave structures are used here as stage design.

Structure available in any length (5m grid elements)

Hanging points / Rigging:

  • Dome stages from 10 to 40m span with up to 300 kg / point load capacity.
  • Wave tent 55 & 75m = 500 kg / point | total 3.500kg per arch

For each structure the loads can be extended by reducing the grid dimension from 5m to 2.5m (double the number of suspension points).

We realise our stage system on fixed loading and on water.

Special Cover elements (individual Membrane Designs)