VIP & SALES tent solution of IRMARFER

  • The VIP & SALES tent Solution of IRMARFER was designed for Events in the public industry.

    Customize individual VIP areas on the 1st floor, depending on requirements & needs (on homogeneous area or with individual stairs).
    The Ground floor can be used individually as a restaurant, merchandise booth, sales area, storage e.g. because of the given grid (2,5 x 2,5 | 5 x 5m | 7,5 x 7,5m)


    • the structure (Dome, Wave) is modular
    • construction forms (open gable ending, straight gable ending, round ending)
    • height adjustable flooring system (0,2 - 3m)
    • modular storey system (3m height, individual designs possible)
    • lateral elements made of membrane (Opac, transparent, colors),
    • Sandwich plate elements
    • real glass elements
    • In-House membrane production for brandings


    • Music Festivals (Mainstage)
    • Sport Events (winter sport, equestrian sports, golf tournament, tennis)
    • Public Events