Vodafone Digital PaCon2018 - Germany;

around 6.000 sqm height adjustable flooring system in combination with approx. 5.000 sqm Dome tent structure for the this year Vodafone Digital PaCon Exhibition & Gala eventS. We deliver additional to the complete infrastructure the therefore necessary air-conditioning & ventilation system.

IRMARFER custom-made Design - Client: Trojka & Aroma AG | Event period August 2018

With our modular flooring system, we are able to realize individual and unique Event & Festival tools. In combination with the customizable veneering elements (incl. branding) which we produce total in-house - complete unique and impressive event tools emerge.

Inform right now and put your next public appearance (fair, festival, etc.) on a new design and personalized event tool.

Link: Trojka Event Tool

Public Viewing Events 14. Juni - 15. Juli 2018 | Solothurn, Olten & Zürich:

Our modular Dome structures with it´s open design, is the ideal solution for public events. We offer our clients: room height, hanging loads for light and sound equipment, design and the open air feeling even the location is covered.

In addition to this innovative roofing system, we also provide our customers with the desired grandstand system from a single source.

Videolink: Public Viewing Solothurn 2018

NEW VD Solution | ATP 250 Gazprom Budapest: April 2018

This solution offers more event space at a limited event area.
Combination = modular Dome tent + system flooring

The system flooring is available in the following pitch (upright):
2.5 x 2.5m | 5 x 5m | 7,5 x 7,5m & height adjustable up to 4m

Videolink: ATP 250 Gazprom

Event 14 Juni 2018, Bannwil - BKW Energy AG:

IRMARFER SWISS was awarded the contract of BKW to cover their Be Xplore, be pioneer, be the discoverer event this summer with the modular Dome Tent Structure 40x60m.
The entire area was leveled out with our height-adjustable floor system to 1.2m level difference (effortlessly).

Mobile & Innovative Air Conditioning:
6 pcs. 30 kW air conditioners incl. blow-out tower and 2 pcs. big 7m fans were used to cool this structure down to comfortable temperatures in midsummer.

The "Future Dome" was used as a conference during the day and as a concert location in the evening.

Videolink: BKW Xplore Event 2018

NEW WAVE structure R is unique in art & design and offers impressive technical specifications in terms of the room height and suspension point loads at the roof. The Wave Structure 55 R was designed for the requirement of high spans with an round design and will used for Events like trade fairs, festivals, major events, business & corporate and sporting events..

Decide for the SPORT DOME of IRMARFER SWISS and offer your Players a feeling of freedom. Individual room heights, Cover System for simple or several courts can be realized with our system.
The time is come, care for fullyear playable courts.
We offer the all in one solution = the SPORT DOME in combination with the therefor proofed & preferred clima control solution incl. ventilation.

For more informations don´t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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